December 11, 2020

Cybercrime: How safe is your data?

Cybercrime can cost small businesses thousands of pounds through virus infections, hacking attacks or other system security breaches.

As well as the financial loss and inconvenience, particularly with the added risk of GDPR breaches, there is the potentially disastrous loss of customer trust.

While effective business leaders realise the critical importance of data security, not all have the expertise to provide assurance that their systems and processes are effective and risks are mitigated as well as they can be.  Often it is a simple act of human error or carelessness that leads to a data security breach, and some businesses may find themselves in a position where data is non-recoverable.

Small businesses that are using their own IT services in-house need to consider how physically secure their equipment is, to not only external AND internal security threats but events such as flood or fire. Backing up via Cloud providers and using third-party IT support can offer some assurance but none are able to offer an absolute guarantee of data safety.

How defences against threats are best implemented will be very specific to your business; Darrowby Consulting can act as your ‘critical friend’, ensuring the data security plans you have in place match your assessment of risk and appropriate mitigation. Get in touch to see how we can help you.

Suzy Jennings

Suzy Jennings


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